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bonuschicken's Journal

Sapporo Teriyaki is Superexcellent
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This community is dedicated to how incredibly excellent Sapporo Teriyaki is, and particularly how it fits into the Digipen students' lifestyles and general expectations about the universe.

Sapporo Teriyaki is a Digipen tradition, starting this year, because I say so.

TAKE-OUT / DINE-IN 11am - 9pm: Mon-Fri, 11am - 7pm: Sat
PHONE 425. 881. 1110
2560-152nd Ave N.E #J, Redmond, WA 98052

The purpose of this community is to coordinate Sapporo dinner events within Digipen, and to discuss how super-wonderful Sapporo teriyaki is. If you plan to go to Sapporo Teriyaki, post here in advance so that you meet up with other people who are interested. If you go to Sapporo teriyaki, for any reason, with any company, please post here listing 1) when you were there, 2) what you ordered, 3) who was there, and 4) any additional comments. If there is already a thread about a visit to Sapporo in which you participated, don't start a new thread, simply reply to the existing one.
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